Year 6 money problems

You may recognise some of the names in these!

1.Olivia C and Lily decide to watch the same film (Four Kids and It) on Sky Movies, during the Easter Holidays. They rent it at the same time and pay £8.99 each. How much is that in total?

2.Luke and Jake R do a sponsored run around the football pitch – for every lap they do they are sponsored £3.45. How much do they raise for 28 laps each? If they split their money between 3 charities, how much would each get?

2.On a recent shopping trip, Ciara spent £16.35 in Boots on nail polish and make-up. She paid out of a £20 note she got for her birthday. How much change did she get?

4.Evie, Olivia R and Jess all buy tea from Dominoes pizza. Evie spends £11.35, Olivia R spends £12.99, and Jess spends £13.85. To give the delivery driver a tip thee round their bill to the nearest £10. How much do they give him in total?

5.Charley, George H-B and Peter all want to but expansion packs for the online games they play. The things they want cost £14.60 each. How many 20 pence pieces would they need to save to buy one expansion pack?

6.Hirsty buys a new pair of Nike Jr. Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite Football boots. They are advertised as costing £164.80 on the website. But, because he plays for Sheffield Wednesday he’s offered a 15% discount. What does he pay?

7.Matthew spends a lot of his holiday time visiting America and plans to go next Christmas. The exchange rate from American dollars to English pounds = $1.486 for every £1. If he saved £25 pocket money, how many dollars would he have to take?

8.Sam and Charlie B both love books. Sam buys the Mortal Engine series of four books from Amazon for £12.99 in total. Charlie buys the books from separate online shops, the first book costs £2.99, the second cost £3 and he buys the last two for £4.60 each, but on a buy one get one half price deal. Who gets the books at the cheapest price?

9.Ben supports Leeds and Rhys supports Man U. They both want to buy a new kit in the sales – each kit normally costs £45 from either club – but Leeds have reduced theirs by ¼ and Man U have taken 30% off. Which club is offering the best deal? Prove it!

10.The British Basketball cup finals are held in London next January. Mikey decides to buy his family (6 people) a ticket each – they cost £33.20 each. He has £156 in his savings. Can he afford the ticket? How do you know?

11.Rose and Megan started to knit a blanket in September with Mrs R, they eventually finish it in April. Mrs Robinson said she wished she had 5p for every stitch they had done! If they did 12364 stitches in total, how much would Mrs Robinson make in pounds?

14 Mr. Close buys 7 energy drinks at 63p each and 8 Cola drinks at 79p each. He pays with a £20 note. How much change will he receive?

15 Mrs Brown decides to print her memoires to raise money for school funds. She prints a first addition for Mrs. Robinson. The printer charges 3p per page and 75p for the cover.  Mrs Brown pays £4.35 for his book, including the cover. How many pages are in his book?

16 Mr. Close took his two daughters to the cinema, as a treat, at the weekend. Whilst on special offer, a drink and a box of popcorn together cost £5.90p. 2 drinks and a box of popcorn together costs £8.50. What does a box of popcorn cost?

17 Mr. Osbornewent to a football match, that had an attendance of 2374 people. Each person paid £2.50 for a ticket. What is the total amount of ticket money collected?

18 Mrs. Watson’s choir held a concert in which programs were sold for £1.55 each. She raised £124. How many programs were sold?

19 Mrs. Edwards loves apples! She visited her local greengrocer where they were selling: 6 green apples for 75p and 10 red apples for 90p. She bought some bags of green apples and some bags of red apples. Spending £4.20. How many bags of each type of apples did he buy?

20. Mrs. Leppington takes her 2 boys to a car boot sale. It costs £0.50 for adults to go in and £0.30 for children to enter. That morning, 100 adults and 80 children enter. How much did they make from the total number of entries?

21. Mrs. Robinson adores cheese! Cheddar cheese costs £7.50 for 1kg. she buys 200 grams of cheddar cheese. How much does she pay?

22. Mrs. Brown also likes cheese! Cream cheese costs £3.60 for 1kg. She buys a pot of cream cheese for 90p. How many grams of cream cheese does she buy?

23. Mrs Bennie organizes a school trip 30 children are going on a trip. It costs £5 including lunch. Some children take their own packed lunch. They pay only £3. The 30 children pay a total of £110. How many children are taking their own packed lunch?