Year 3 / 4 money problems

Lewis went to the shop and bought a magazine for £3.80, and some biscuits at £3.50.
How much does he spend altogether?

Mia loves swimming, and she bought some new goggles for £7.40.
When she took them to the till, they came up at half price.
How much did Mia’s swimming goggles now cost?

An Arianna Grande CD costs £8.40, whilst Little Mix’s CD costs £5.70.
How much more does Arianna Grande’s CD cost?

Josh paid £6.10 for 2 pairs of new football socks.
How much did each pair cost?

Train tickets from York to Leeds cost £11.20 for a single journey.
How much would a return journey ticket cost?

Mrs Keel bought 3 bags of pens and pencils to fill up Jupiter Class’s treat tin!
Each bag cost £2.30.
How much did Mrs Keel spend on pens and pencils?

A child’s ticket to the cinema costs £5.60, whilst an adult ticket costs £8.50.
How much more does an adult ticket cost?

Hannah went shopping with £10.00, and bought some sunglasses for £7.80.
How much money did she have left?

2 Horrible Histories magazines cost £4.70 altogether.
How much does each magazine cost?

Mrs Baker went to a bookshop and bought two books. One cost £3.50 and the other one cost £5.40. How much did Mrs Baker spend on books? She had £10. How much change did she get?

Ava went to the shop and bought a chocolate bar costing 65p, a bottle of diet fanta costing £1.10 and a sandwich costing £2.40.  How much did she spend altogether?

Oliver went to the shop to buy a comic which cost him £1.75 and some crayons costing £1.45, how much did he spend altogether?

Tom has been saving up his change from recent shopping trips.  On Saturday his change was £2.20, Monday it was 85p and yesterday it was £1.69, how much has he saved up so far?

Miss Rushworth bought a gift for her niece costing £16.50, it cost 76p to post, how much did she spend altogether? 

Poppy has £4.50; she’d like to buy everyone who comes to her party a rainbow pencil, these cost 75p each.  How many can she buy?

Jessica buys a set of top trumps cards costing £3.69, she pays with a five pound note, how much change is she expecting?

Mr Osborne wants to take himself and his 2 children to the wildlife park, how much change will he have from £30? Adult ticket £10.50, children £7.50 each.

Mr Wheeler buys a new Liverpool shirt costing £68, some trainers costing £82 and a Nintendo switch FIFA game costing £44.99.  How much change will he have from £200?

Aiden would like to buy a new bike.  He has saved up £150.  He buys a bike from ‘bikes2go’ costing £121.99 and a helmet for £14.99.  How much will he have left?

Sainsbury’s recorded sales of £15,987 on Monday and £20,650 on Tuesday.  How much more was taken on Tuesday than on Monday?