Where in the world is Brayton Bee? Number 3

Here are the clues:

1. It is a city in the United Kingdom.
2. There is a Castle there that is built on an extinct volcano.
3. The Royal Mile is actually one mile and 107 yards long.
4. It was the first city in the entire world to have its own fire service.
5. J.K. Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter in a café here (The Elephant) and took inspiration from the landscape for her characters and locations.
6. The Encyclopedia Britannica was first produced here.
7. The National Monument on Carlton Hill was modelled after the Parthenon in Athens, but funding for the build ran out and it was never completed.
8. It has more listed buildings than anywhere in the world.

Can you work out where he is?

If you can – tell Mrs Anderson (Geography Leader) or Mrs Berzins (History Leader) and you will be awarded with a Brayton Bee!