Vision and Values

Our motto is

Together we shine as one.

School Vision Statement

  • Inspired by the words of Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven,” our vision is to enable each child to grow into the unique person God created them to be, within the fellowship of our school and the wider world.
  • Rooted in the Christian values of Compassion, Thankfulness, Fellowship, Hope, Humility, Justice, and Service, our learning environment encourages and challenges everyone to use and celebrate each other’s God given gifts.

We have a clear vision for learning inspired by excellence, enjoyment and strong Christian values.

We seek to develop caring, responsible pupils, who are self-motivated and co-operative. We believe that everyone is unique and special, and therefore provide a happy, secure and caring environment, where everyone is respected, valued, nurtured and their achievements celebrated. We believe that our children should be valued and cherished by all adults in school and we also believe that our children should value and cherish the adults. We encourage children to value and respect each other and the adults model that expectation, demonstrating our warm and genial relationships – showing the children how to care for each other.

We firmly believe in inclusion and equality. We believe that the diversity of our local and global family should not merely be tolerated, but should be openly celebrated and valued.

Our creative, stimulating and challenging curriculum aims to ensure that all children will achieve their full potential, developing firm foundations for the future through first-hand experiences, high expectations and enjoyment of learning. We promote positive partnerships between children, staff, parents, governors and the community in a spirit of love and service.