Transition to Reception Class

Before Reception children begin school, the following transition arrangements are made to ensure that starting school is an exciting and wonderful time:

  • Reception teacher(s)  will liaise with pre-school settings to gather information regarding children’s progress in all areas
  • Home visits are arranged with parents if need be, prior to the children starting school, so that they can talk to their child’s new teacher(s) about the individual needs of their children.
  • Parents are invited into school for a meeting, to look around school and to discuss daily routines and procedures.
  • The children are invited to spend a morning session with their new teacher (s) and also join us for a school lunch.

If parents/carers wish, the reception children will be admitted on a part-time basis during the first two weeks of the autumn term. If not, they will start full time from the beginning of term.  All the children will be in school, on a full-time basis, by the third week, if appropriate.

The school needs to retain some flexibility over appropriate timings for individual children who might need to be part-time from the beginning, have a longer settling-in period or a delayed entry into school.  Parents will be consulted where this approach is felt to be appropriate.