The Roman Beanfeast by Gillian Cross

Recommended by Mrs Bennie

This is a fun read for children aged 7-10 . This amusing story is written from the perspective of Davey, a Primary schoolboy whose Dad is abroad on business and whose Mum is overwrought by looking after their mischievous twin toddlers. Their chaotic home life creates tricky situations for poor Davey, such as opening up his packed lunch on a school trip to find that the bag his Mum has given him is actually a bag of clothes for the jumble sale! This makes him a laughing stock when his bossy neighbour, Molly, deliberately draws everyone’s attention to the error.

In total contrast to Davey, Molly is organised, perfectly in control and always seems to excel at everything she does. She is determined to win the school competition on the theme of The Romans. Davey really wants to win too and comes up with some good ideas but soon realises that Molly always steals them and then produces something  much better and more quickly than he can. Davey goes from disaster to disaster with his attempts, but will Davey manage to keep his final idea a secret from Molly and triumph in the end?

Read this humorous story to find out if all ends well for Davey.