The first people on Earth

Read the story and answer some of the questions.

Remember to use your best joined handwriting and do your best with spelling – perhaps use a dictionary or ask an adult to help with this.

  1. What kind of creature persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit?
  2. What punishment did God give Adam?
  3. What did God make to keep Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden?
  4. Why do you think that God threw Adam and Eve out of the garden?
  5. What jobs did Cain and Abel do?
  6. Why do you think that God was more pleased with Abel’s gift than Cain’s gift?
  7. Which character lived for over 900 years?
  8. Why did God decide to destroy the Earth?
  9. Thank goodness for Noah! Why did God want to use Noah in a special way?
  10. In the story, Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the snake and Cain blamed God. Do you think these characters are right to blame others? Why?

Now please draw a picture of the snake persuading Eve to eat the apple. Colour the picture and send Mrs Robinson a photo of it.