The Creation Story

Read the story and answer some of the questions.

Remember to use your best joined handwriting and do your best with spelling – perhaps use a dictionary or ask an adult to help with this.

  1. What did God make Adam out of?
  2. Where did Adam live?
  3. What were the very first things that God created?
  4. What did God create on the first proper day?
  5. On which day did God create the grass, flowers, shrubs and trees?
  6. How many stars did God create on the fourth day?
  7. Did God create the sun and the moon on the fifth day?
  8. Why do you think that God made the sun, moon, stars and plants before he made the creatures and Adam?
  9. Which of God’s days do you think was the most important? Why?
  10. Why do you think that God made Eve?

Now please draw a picture of each of God’s days. Colour the pictures and send Mrs Robinson a photo of them.