The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo

Recommended by Mr Wheeler

Emotional, gripping and heart-warming, the Butterfly Lion is a real page-turner, and another fantastic story from Michael Morpurgo, the Multi-award winning author and much loved children’s author.

The story is about the inspiring magic of a white lion that brings together friendship and hope for a lonely ten year old boy, Bertie, who recently ran away from his boarding school. On his journey, he meets a kind, old lady who tells him of how another Bertie, a little boy from a long time before, saved an orphan lion cub near his home in South African Savanna.

She tells him the tales of Bertie, who, each day, loved going to the edge of his compound to look at all of the different lions and other fascinating animals that surrounded him.

One day, Bertie sees a different lion, a white lion. They become best friends and build up a special relationship full of joy, love and laughter. After years of building up extraordinary memories that will last a life time, the white lion cub is sold to the circus. But how will Bertie react?

The story continues to follow Bertie’s life from that moment on. He has to show much resilience, endurance and hope right until the end of his remarkable journey.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and, if you haven’t already, you should definitely consider giving this story a read.

Age range: 8+