Why do we need to praise our children?

Praise is a positive way of communicating our pleasure in relationships – it is important to children and adults alike.  Children need to feel the difference between positive reinforcement and negative reactions to their behaviour. Usually, people respond better to compliments rather than nagging or shouting. When we use praise properly, it gives a child a warm glow of pride and self esteem and enables the child to repeat the desired behaviour – to get the postive attention again, which feels better to a child than chastisement.

Not everyone finds praise easy – either to give or to receive. Some adults find praise embarrassing. This can be because of the way we were brought up, or it can be a matter of low self esteem, where the adult finds saying nice things to others awkward or difficult. Criticism seems to come more easily to some personalities. If this is you, practice is needed! We want our children to grow up with positive self esteem and relationships. The more we practice – the easier it becomes.

I find praise difficult to give so why should I praise my child?

  • Praise helps children to repeat good behaviour.
  • Priase helps children to feel good about themselves – this leads to better behaviour.
  • Praise helps parents to feel positive about their children.
  • Praise helps parents to feel good too – it makes home life happier and enables family time to be fun and friendly.