At Brayton, it’s not just the children who really matter to us as we have a heart for the whole school community and our extended family which is constantly growing as new contacts and families arrive.

We welcome volunteer support from many people including parents, carers, grandparents and church workers.

We greatly benefit from having a very active and hardworking fundraising committee of parents in the PTA.

We are fortunate to have the support of many in the local community, particularly enjoying strong links with St Wilf’s Church and we work in close partnership with other local schools in the STARMAT.

We actively work for the community of Brayton as we are involved with charity and celebrations such as Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas events. We like to serve our community in many ways.

Remembrance brings the children in contact with the Parish Council and increases their understanding of community. We also use our singing talents to entertain at Summer and Christmas events.

We advertise local small businesses in our weekly newsletter and we regularly hold Pop Up shops to raise funds for local groups and charities.

Parents and Carers

Most important to us however, is the partnership of home and school.

We recognise that there is no greater privilege than being entrusted with the education of a precious child. We pride ourselves on our approachability. Throughout the year there is a wealth of opportunities for us to liaise and work together through a variety of shared policies, events, homework and meetings.

The school website is an invaluable source of information and contact with the school. Parents receive a progress report for their child at the end of each year.

We often help families who for one reason or another find themselves in difficulty and even though this sometimes makes demands on our time and energy out of school, we feel it is our duty to work with health visitors, nurses, voluntary organisations and social services to ensure that our families are given the best support and help they can find.

We are readily available to families to discuss whole school matters or those involving individual children. Family enquiries or concerns are treated seriously and where school and home are working together we find that matters are always brought to a successful and positive conclusion.

As well as working together, community views are sought weekly by letters and questionnaires called ‘Pop’ which is short for ‘Parents’ Opinion Poll.’