Nursery money problems

Put a collection of coins into a bowl or on a tray.

Can you sort the coins?  Can you sort the coins by colour, shape, size and by looking at the numbers on the coins.?

Using a money box or similar.

Using 1p coins only. Ask the children to put different amount in the money box. Can you put in 3p? Can you put in 10p? This is great for fine motor skills too!

Using purses or bags

Just using 1p coins and if possible a selection of purses and bags. Place different amounts of 1p coins in the purses and bags. Try to find bags and purses that have different fastenings this adds interest and more finger gym too. Encourage them to look inside and find the coins. Act as a role model by tipping out the money and counting aloud the number of coins. Suggest your child does the same. Encourage your child to search all the purses to look for money and count the coins. Challenge your child to find the purse with the most/least amount of money. Do any of the purses have the same amount of money?

Playing shops

Make a mini supermarket using real food or a toy shop using real toys. If you have a toy till or a basket/bag these can be used too. Make price labels for each item. Your child can be involved in this too. Then play in the shop with your child. Use just 1p coins and prices up to 10p. Challenge your child to work out how much two items would be together. Which is the most expensive/cheapest item? Do any items cost the same?

Coin Rubbings

Coin rubbings – which coins have you used?