Noah and the great flood

Read the story and answer some of the questions.

Remember to use your best joined handwriting and do your best with spelling – perhaps use a dictionary or ask an adult to help with this.

  1. What is an Ark?
  2. Why do you think that people didn’t believe Noah?
  3. Why do you think that God wanted Noah to save some of every animal on Earth?
  4. How long did the rain last?
  5. How did Noah test whether the floods had gone down enough for him to get everyone out of the Ark?
  6. What kind of leaf did the Dove have in its beak?
  7. Why did Noah and his family worship God when they got out of the Ark?
  8. God gave Noah a promise that he would never wipe out the Earth again with a flood. What did God create as a symbol of this promise?

Now draw a picture of the story and colour it in. Remember to use all the colours of the rainbow. Take a photo of your picture and send it to Mrs Robinson.