Mrs Watson’s art challenge

My piece of art is by my daughter Evie. It is made by sewing a pattern onto a canvas. 

I love it because of its simplicity and the colours. 

Evie has made it whilst we’ve been in lockdown and it reminds me that we are all interconnected with one another even when we are apart. 


The artist has created a powerful story using only a simple few perfectly placed lines. Look more closely and you will see that there are actually two faces interlocked – each one a part of the other’s formation. The piece could be considered an optical illusion. Research optical illusions on the internet and recreate one or make one of your own. Often, they are linked by a theme to tell a story, for example in the famous one by William Ely Hill which links a picture of an old woman and a young woman which he named ‘My wife and my Mother In Law’ as a joke. Try to link your theme as you link your drawing.