Mrs Watson

Mrs Watson bakes, sings, reads, plays music, walks and gardens to relax. Her ideal day would be a picnic in the countryside with her family – eating icecream.

A talented musician – Mrs Watson plays the flute to Grade 8 standard and plays the piano for all our school events. She taught music in India for a year, during which time she met the Dalai Lama.

Mrs Watson admires Rosa Parks because of her bravery in changing things for African Americans. If she ruled the world she would share out all weatlth equally. 

At school she was a quiet pupil who first wanted to be a farmer, then a speech therapist but then a teacher! Her favourite food is (of course) icecream zand her favourite animal is a red panda. 

Mrs Watson likes ‘Anne of Green Gables’ to read, ‘You lift me up’ to listen to and ‘About Time’ to watch. Her favourite place is Foundatins Abbey. Oh – and did we mention that she likes icecream?!