Mrs Robinson’s art challenge

The artwork is a close up of a plant stem and leaves, worked in pastels by my mum as part of her art degree work.  She studied for this degree when I was growing up. 

The reason I like this piece of art is that it is simple, beautifully arranged and shows the depth of colour within an object that is usually considered ‘just green.’ It reminds me that there is always more than meets the eye at first glance. We need to look at things more deeply and more carefully sometimes. 

My mum was an Art and Textiles teacher at a large Secondary School in Hull. She was incredibly creative and her work was often displayed in Ferens Art Gallery in Hull. I found her truly inspiring creatively, and her use of colour and shape was so effective. I saw this, and lots of other pieces of work being completed from initial sketch to final framing and learned from watching her techniques. This piece hangs on the wall at home and has a mysterious, dreamlike quality. It’s very calming to look at. 


Collect some leaves and turn them back to front – the underside of a leaf has its veins on show. Put a piece of paper (the thinner the better) on top of each leaf. Rub a wax crayon over the leaf so that you get a rubbing of the leaf and its vein patterns. Cut out the leaves and try to arrange them to recreate my mum’s leaf picture.