Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson enjoys textiles, cooking, baking and gardening. Her ideal day would be spent walking her three dogs on a sandy beach with Mr Robinson and then  home to watch back to back episodes of Mary Berry programmes while knitting in front of a roaring fire with a plate of peanut butter sandwiches and a cup of tea. 

Mrs Robinson has a not so hidden talent – she thinks in rhyme and just loves to write poetry – especially for children or to make people laugh. In fact, making people laugh is something she really loves to do – so much so, that if she was not a teacher, she would have liked to have been a professional comedian. Talents she would love to have are to be able to sing and play the piano like Mrs Watson. 

If Mrs Robinson ruled the world, she would make sure that there was enough money, food and shelter for all the people to live comfortably.  Her heroine is Mother Teresa. When Mrs Robinson she was little, she wanted to be a nun. (But she had too many bad habits!) Her favourite book is ‘Land of Far Beyond’ by Enid Blyton and her favourite film is ‘It’s a wonderful life.’ She likes to listen to Paul Weller, Elvis (guilty pleasure), Red Hot Chillies and Ocean Colour Scene.