Mrs Osman’s art challenge

This artwork was done by my little girl and I. She used her fingers to paint this picture and she loved seeing all the different colours on the page. She loves rainbows so was very excited to use the bright colours. 

The reason I like this piece of art work is that it reminds me of the walks that we take as a family. My little girl loves to find lots of different flowers and enjoys picking the dandelions and blowing them.

It is special to me because it reminds me of how amazing it is to be a mum and how small, daily activities can create lifelong memories. 


The lovely memory piece above shows that it isn’t always necessary to use brush strokes to create fabulous paintings. Some famous artists use dots to create their pictures. This is called Pointillism. Try it yourself, either with finger marks or small dots. You could also use ink or felt pen to create your pointillist picture. You will need to be patient though – it takes a lot longer to finish than a normal picture.