Mrs Mansell’s art challenge

This is a picture of our family dog Peppa, drawn by my friend Louise Sweeting. She drew it on digital art thing which is a bit like a tablet but is specifically for making drawings and paintings and allows you to do different strokes and use different materials etc.

I love the colours Louise has picked out because of the sunlight on on Peppa’s fur and I love how it captures her so well, only we know this obviously but it really is exactly like her. 

The picture is very special to me as Peppa was our family dog which my husband and re homed  from the dogs trust when she was only two years old. Unfortunately three years ago when she was almost fourteen years old we had to have her put to sleep as she developed a tumour in her bowel which was untreatable. Peppa had grown up alongside all three of our kids and was around from the very beginning of my husband and I getting together so you can imagine how loved she was and the memories we have of her. My friend Louise kindly drew this picture for me as a surprise from a picture she found of her on my Facebook page and sent me it after we lost Peppa. It takes pride of place in our home and helps us remember how special our Peppa was to us. 


Peppa was painted using digital art. Have a go at using an app to recolour, edit, decorate or add to a photo. There are lots of free downloadable apps and programmes or you could just use a smart phone and edit through the phone’s in-built photo editing software.