Mrs Mansell

Mrs Mansell’s hobby is Korean kickboxing – gulp! Her ideal day would be spent on Daytona beach with her family.

Mrs Mansell would like to go back to Victorian times – back to a simpler way of life and she likes the way they dressed. 

Mrs Mansell once met a famous 70s DJ in a cafe when she was 7 years old but he was really mean and wouldn’t speak – he is not her hero but she has a much better heroine…..her mum who is the most selfless and strongest person she knows. (Ahhhh) 

Mrs Mansell did want to be a chef when she was younger – she is a talented baker and she is good at decorating cakes too.

If Mrs Mansell ruled the world, she would make it completely free to travel – that way everyone would get the same opportunities to see the world. What a good idea!

Chocolate is Mrs Mansell’s favourite food. Other things she likes are leopards, Florida, ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl and the film ‘Dirty Dancing.’ Her favourite song is ‘Man In The Mirror’ by Michael Jackson.