Mrs Leppington’s art challenge

This artwork was created by my older son Kieran whilst taking his Art GCSE in 2017 at Brayton Academy. He had to recreate Georgia O’ Keeffe’s ‘Single Lily with Red’ which dates from 1928. He used oil pastels.

The reason I chose this piece is because I like the bold colours that make it stand out, while the lack of background detail draws your eyes to the lily at the centre. I think it sends a message to its viewers to appreciate the significance of nature and to look at flowers differently.

Kieran worked very hard to achieve his GCSE grade in Art. I remember him creating this piece on my kitchen table and the oil pastel marks are still there as proof. I’m so proud of the amount of time and effort he put into this piece and all the other artwork he produced. 


The artist here has been inspired by a famous painter who probably used a viewfinder to isolate the flower, in her original painting of the lily, looking carefully at just one small section of the larger object. Using a viewfinder enables an artist to focus only on the precise detail s/he is wanting to create. Make a viewfinder of your own and use it to create a detailed and close up study of a larger object.