Mrs Keel’s art challenge

This picture is an original painting, called Out with the Dog, of Padstow in Cornwall.( I don’t know who the artist is as I can’t read the signature. !)

I like it because it is of a place that I have visited. You get glimpses of life in a fishing village.  I can remember the happy times we had and the trips on the ferry to get there.

The picture is special to me because it was bought for me, by my children, for a significant birthday. I was touched that they were thoughtful and bought me a painting of a place I liked to visit.


Make a collage of a seaside scene like this one in the painting. Use fabric, paper, shells, wood, plastic – anything you can find to create the shapes of the buildings, scenery and people. Using different items will help you create a range of colour and texture in your art work.