Mrs Howard’s art challenge

My artwork is a print of a Monet painting of Venice.

It reminds me of my first proper holiday with my husband in my first year of teaching when I was only 23. We stayed in Lake Garda and went on a day trip to Venice in 40 degrees and it rained! We had a trip on a gondola on the canals.

I love the cool colours of the painting which make it calming as well as capturing the stillness  of the water. It also depicts the historic,  picturesque buildings.


Look at how Monet showed the reflections of the buildings in the water. Try this yourself. Draw a scene on a riverbank, pond, or seaside and try to create reflections in the water. To prepare yourself for this, put some water in a bowl or a sink and look at real reflections first. The reflections won’t look like mirror images – more like loosely shaped and coloured shadows.