Mrs Fox’s art challenge

This print is a black and white photograph of a scene in Central Park, New York.  The photo was taken by Ronald Yourkowski.  

The reason I like this print is because of the simplicity of the black and white image, depicting a calm scene rather like a lazy Sunday morning.

This print was purchased whilst we were on honeymoon in New York in 1991.  We actually sat in this exact spot, so when we saw the print in a gallery, we just had to purchase it.  In 2016, we revisited New York for our 25th wedding anniversary, where we sat in this exact spot again.  Every time I look at the print, it reminds me of a fantastic honeymoon/wedding anniversary spent in New York and of lazy Sunday mornings.


The use of black and white makes this a very moody, broody photograph which shows that the park is a good place to sit and think and dream. This story is also told in the reflections in the water – the bench is a place to quietly reflect. Make a black and white picture. Choose a similar theme to the photograph and use the colours to show a quiet, peaceful, shadowy place. Pencil could be used and smudged to show different shades of the black and white colours.