Mrs Edwards’ art challenge

It was made by me approximately 4 years ago. It was made using drift wood which has been carefully arranged to make the word “Love”. It has been placed on cream card and the wood glued carefully on.

The most interesting things are the pieces of drift wood used. They were meticulously selected to be the perfect size and shape. It is perfect for my garden room as it is made of natural materials to compliment the garden. Furthermore it shows how art can be created from free, natural materials.

This has a massive significance to me as the drift wood had been collected by my children on the beach next to our holiday home on the Gower in Wales. We have spent all their lives going on holidays there, surfing and toasting marshmallows on a fire on summer evenings. Every time I look at the picture it reminds me of those times.


Create a message to hang on your wall. Choose something relevant to you and your family. Use paint, drawing, colouring, mosaic, or natural materials to form the lettering.