Mrs Butler

Mrs Butler likes camping, walking, card making and gardening when she has the time. Her ideal day would be spent walking through Edale countryside with a pub lunch at the end of it.

If she could go back in time she would choose the sixties as she likes the retro style.

When she was at school she was not very confident, even though she was in all the top sets and doing well. She was a good runner and she can play the flute – in fact – as a job, she originally wanted to teach others how to play. 

If Mrs Butler could change one thing about the world, she would eradicate homelessness. She does her best to alleviate troubles by supporting charities who help the homeless. On Christmas Day she spent her time serving meals to the homeless. She found it a humbling experience. It’s no surprise that she admired Princess Diana for the charity work she did.

Mrs Butler likes books by Lesley Pearce and her favourite film is Bambi. Her favourite song is by the Nolans – “I’m in the mood for dancing.’ Now that’s a blast from the past!