Mr Wheeler

Mr Wheeler’s ideal day has a clear itinerary:

  • 7am McDonald’s Breakfast and then drive to Liverpool.
  • 9am Arrive at Anfield for a Stadium Tour.
  • 10am Anfield Museum.
  • 11am Shopping in the club shop.
  • 12:00 Lunch in the Boot Room.
  • 1pm Walk around the ground and see the entertainment.
  • 3pm Watch the game.
  • 6pm Drive home.
  • 8pm Watch the highlights.

Mr Wheeler’s hobbies are listed as watching Liverpool, going to Anfield, buying Liverpool kits, watching the Liverpool 2005 Champions League win highlights and driving his new car, ideally to Liverpool.

Mr Wheeler once shook the hand of his hero – Steven Gerrard and had a picture with Fernando Morientes.

Not a lot of people know this but Mr Wheeler can say “Liverpool” backwards while eating a burger. If he ruled the world he would give Liverpool FC an unlimited transfer budget.

When Mr Wheeler was at school, he was football mad and spent every break and lunchtime playing it. He even once kicked a football through his classroom window!

Mr Wheeler’s favourite food is Scouse Pie. His favourite book is Steven Gerrard’s autobiography. His favourite song is ‘You’ll never walk alone.’ His Favourite TV programme is ‘Make Us Dream’ which is a Liverpool documentary. His favourite animal is any at Knowsley Safari Park.

We can probably guess where his favourite place is.