Mr Close

Mr Close enjoys jogging but only when the weather is good! In fact, he even once ran a marathon – but he wouldn’t do it again! His ideal day would be to wake up late and after a hearty breakfast, he would climb a fell, then come home and make a tasty meal and collapse on the sofa with a good movie.

If he could go back in time, he would choose the sixties or seventies because of the music and general spirit of those eras. 

Mr Close enjoyed school as a child, but he only did just enough to get by until challenged and then he worked hard to prove people wrong. A rebel – Mr Close!

On a more serious note, when Mr Close was in his youth, he discovered the music of The Doors and their enigmatic lead singer Jim Morrison. He thought the way that he tried to use lyrics and song to inspire / connect to / change people was fascinating. He still does!

Mr Close’s favourite food is a sandwich accompanied by crisps. He likes to watch ‘Big Bang Theory’ and his favourite film is ‘Platoon.’ 

Mr Close’s favourite place is Cumbria – he loves anywhere where there is a fell to climb. His favourite book is ‘Have A Nice Day: A tale of blood and sweatsocks’ by Mick Foley.