Miss Umpleby

Miss Umpleby is  a lady of many hobbies and talents who can make anything out of fondant icing and can also write songs and plays. She even has her scuba-diving qualification.

She enjoys spending time with her nephew and her friends, playing computer games, eating carrots, reading in bed and cake making.

If Miss Umpleby ruled the world she would stop the needless deforestation of the rainforests and would only allow biodegradable plastic on the planet. (Don’t get her started on the evils of using glitter and what it does to marine life.) 

Miss Umpleby admires anyone who works hard, improves themselves and puts themselves out to improve the lives of others.

Interestingly for us and embarrassingly for Miss Umpleby, we have it on good authority that she was once in an Australian TV advert selling rugs. Even better – she was wearing a luminous green T-shirt and cap combo!