Miss Rushworth

Miss Rushworth has a wide variety of hobbies, ranging from hill walking and outdoor persuits, to photography, cooking and baking.

Her ideal day would be spent in Nidderdale, walking and then enjoying a nice meal with family and friends around an open fire.

Miss Rushworth enjoyed her own school days. She worked hard and tried to do her best and was fairly quiet. (Hard to believe now!)

Anyone who spends any time with Miss Rushworth knows that she sings. Constantly. She can’t help it – she finds that lyrics just pop into her mind and she begins singing wherever she is. 

Miss Rushworth’s hero is Nelson Mandela. She feels that he was such a man of principle who acted on his belief and stood up for human rights. If she ruled the world, Miss Rushworth would change selfishness into the desire to share and respect each other.