KS2 Y6 SATS – General Information

Can you explain what the subjunctive form is?
Can you explain the rules for using semi-colons?
Can you explain how to find the interior angle measurement in a pentagon?
Can you answer 2/5 divided by 2?

Maybe a better question is: Could you have answered these questions when you were 11?

There has been a huge leap in expectations for all children in Year 6 nationally over the last few years. The good news is, our children are rising to it! Last year, the percentage of children to achieve ‘Year 6 standard’ nationally in all subjects was 64%.  This is higher in individual subjects.

Test Scoring

Your child will receive a raw score – how many marks out of the possible total (Grammar Punctuation Spelling – 70, Maths- 110, Reading – 50). You will also get a scaled score and a progress measure to show how they have performed over the key stage. A scaled score of 100 will be judged to have met the “National Standard”. Below 100 means they are working towards the standard and above 110 has previously meant a child is working at Greater Depth within the standard. These scores will not be available until early July.

Special Arrangements

Some children will have readers for the maths / GPS tests or will be out with teaching assistants so they are able to concentrate. We are allowed to read any questions in the maths/GPS tests if any children ask us to. Some children may be given extra time or rest breaks if we feel this is necessary – this will be applied for in advance of the tests.

Helpful Websites

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