January 2021

School is closed to all pupils except those whose parents are essential key workers and those who are classed as vulnerable for reasons of particular disadvantage.

Our existing bubbles are now at capacity and all available classroom staff are working full time to provide the expected length and depth of teaching and remote learning. Teachers are providing live lessons, video lessons, emailed tasks, paper copies of tasks, individual feedback and advice, phone call input, welfare calls and posts on Google Classroom as well as planning and carrying out a full teaching commitment in school – often for children who are not normally in their class.

Should we receive any further applications, they will now go on to a waiting list.

This is because we are in a position whereby if any further pupils take up priority places on site it will impact greatly on the remote education offer we can have in place for all of our pupils learning at home.

Any child on the waiting list would ideally be allocated places within existing year group bubbles as they become available should others rescind their places.

Any further pressure on capacity would necessitate a mixed age ‘bubble’ which would only open once waiting list numbers make that bubble viable.

Thank you for your cooperation