Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Recommended by Mr Close

Having allowed the book and film series to pass me by, during the many years of hype, I finally decided that it was high time that I took the plunge into the ‘wizarding world’ of the Harry Potter series.

With my eldest child becoming more and more obsessed with the harrowing tales of the boy wizard, and his frightful encounters with ‘He who shall not be named’, I thought that I should engage in some healthy conversation about the books rather than continually asking, “what did you do at school today?”. 

What would follow, once I picked up the first book, was a complete surprise to me. I became a ‘Potterhead’. I can’t quite say that it was because I see myself in the wildly misunderstood Severus Snape, or that Harry, Ron and Hermione don’t annoy me at times, with their ridiculous choices that had me yelling at the book, “Why would you do that?” It is because of the craft of one J.K. Rowling. Her attention to even the smallest of details in her description, the way she creates vivid images of characters and settings and the plot twists and turns that had me wide eyed at many a late hour. The outrageous vocabulary, that I couldn’t even conjure up, the wildly different themes and undertones that are woven throughout and the darkness of the final books – what more can I say?  I was well and truly hooked; from the turn of the first page in the Philosopher’s Stone, to the closing of the cover of the ‘Deathly Hallows.

I was devastated to come to the end. If like me, you are late to the Potter party, then do not delay anymore –  pick up these books, read them, enjoy them and more importantly….avoid the films for now.