Ginger by Charlotte Voake

recommended by Mrs Anderson


Charlotte Voake, Author, Charlotte Voake, Illustrator

Age 3-7 years

This book is all about a cat called Ginger. Ginger lives a very comfortable life until the arrival of a newcomer, a grey kitten. This means that Ginger’s days of ease and tranquillity are over. Now he has to share his bed and his meals. Ginger does not like this at all and runs away. The little girls brings Ginger home and presents the kitten with a plate of food and a bed (a cardboard box), of his very own. Ginger begins to realise that having another cat in the house is not such a bad thing, especially if he gets to share the kitten’s bed – a cardboard box!!

This is a timeless classic which deals with the arrival of a new family member, human or animal and the positive things it can bring.

If you enjoy this book there is also ‘Ginger Finds a Home’ too, an equally good book.