Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

Recommended by Mrs Fell

Age 6+

Flat Stanley was one of my all-time favourite story books when I was at primary school.  Mrs Fell.

Stanley Lambchop awakes one morning to find that he has been squashed flat by the notice board hanging above his bed! 

Despite being only half an inch thick he is perfectly healthy.  Although it feels a bit strange, Stanley finds that being a flat person can be quite handy.  He can slip under doors, slide between the floorboards to rescue Mrs Lambchop’s ring, fit into an envelope and be posted to America and be flown like a kite!  Stanley’s adventures also allow him to help catch two local thieves who have escaped capture for a long time.  

Stanley thinks up a clever plan where he gets pinned to an empty picture frame on the wall at the gallery. When the thieves arrive, Stanley shouts until the police come and arrest them.  Stanley becomes the local hero!