English is a core subject and we give it very high priority in our school. We aim to develop a love of books, reading for pleasure and a deep interest in the written language. In addition, we want to enable children to use reading and writing skill in all areas of life.

English is taught every day as a subject and within other subjects.

Children are taught to listen carefully to stories, instructions and messages. They also convey their ideas in written and verbal form. They develop confidence in speaking by discussing their experiences with their teacher and classmates or by taking part in drama, presentations and talks.

Reading is a fundamentally important life skill, and is developed discreetly and as part of wider curriculum work in every class. We have a planned programme for teaching reading that forms part of our core timetable, and children read in school every day.

We also request that children read frequently at home to refine their skills and develop a love of books.

Handwriting is taught as a specific skill and we use a cursive script. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are considered as important aspects of learning to communicate clearly and accurately. The acquisition of such skills is often rooted in the writing children do to convey their own ideas, emotions and experience.