2 Timothy 2:15

Be a worker who is not ashamed of his work

Whilst homework is a voluntary activity and there will be no penalty for non-compliance, we really hope that parents and carers encourage their children to do as much as is practically possible. It is of great benefit to the child.

  • Homework will be marked by staff and due celebration / praise will be given for effort but its greatest reward will undoubtedly be progress / attainment of the child.
  • Evidence of adult help / support is welcomed – this is not a competition – it is a chance to help us to teach your child vital practical skills at home – you are your child’s first and most readily available teachers. Children are to be encouraged to work on reading, spelling and Mental Maths for a short time each evening when home life / commitments allow them to do so. It would greatly help if adults were available to support them with their homework. A quiet place and a regular slot in the evening’s routine would greatly benefit them.
  • Teachers retain the right to alter the timetable for unforeseen circumstances or to fit curriculum / seasonal or current requirements.
  • Children will get a bee for every piece of homework being handed in.
  • From time to time, Mrs Robinson will also send out whole school homework tasks just for fun – these are also voluntary tasks.
  • Y6 teachers will undoubtedly send out extra homework for SATs revision.
  • Early Years staff will continue to set their own homework and communicate this to their parents and carers directly.