Early Years

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to the Early Years Foundation stage at Brayton C of E Primary School.

This is the start of your child’s journey with us and we are excited to get to know you over the next few years. 

Starting in nursery and moving to full time can be daunting, but we will be here to support you every step of the way. 

Aims of the Foundation Stage

  • To provide a good quality environment which allows children to feel confident and secure.
  • To provide positive role models
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum guidance.
  • To aid children to become independent and to take responsibility for their decisions.
  • To encourage children to have respect for each other and their environment.
  • To help children develop a positive attitude about themselves and learning.
  • To develop relationships with both adults and peers and recognise the feelings and needs of others.
  • To develop key skills, concepts, knowledge and attitudes in a stimulating and challenging environment.

Within the Early Years Curriculum there are three prime areas of learning and four specific areas. This framework provides the basis of how we structure the setting, the activities and opportunities we provide; as well as how we assess your child’s development. For each of these areas your child will have an ‘Early Learning Goal’ to work towards.  

Prime Areas

  • Communication and language                                                                                                                       
  • Personal, social and emotional development                                                                                            
  •  Physical development   

Specific Areas  

  • Literacy                                                                                                                       
  • Maths
  • Understanding the world                                                                                          
  • Expressive arts and design

Learning in the Foundation stage

Your Child’s Day

A mixture of structured learning and free play. For certain parts of the day, children stay in their allocated room with their own class. At other times the doors are opened and children are free to move and learn throughout the unit, both inside and out.  Children will sometimes work with an adult, for example learning their phonics sounds, playing a maths game or sharing a story. At other times they will work independently making their own choices about their learning, for example playing in the sand, dressing up and acting out a story, making models with construction bricks, painting pictures, or investigating living things in our bug hotel.  Sometimes a child may play alone while at other times they may play and co-operate as part of a larger group. Through this, children learn to respect each other and the wishes of others. We discourage children hurting others and hitting back and encourage children to talk about problems and their feelings, taking part in making a decision about the outcome of actions.  In every area all children are offered equal, but often differentiated learning opportunities. They are encouraged to join in all activities and to value themselves and others. Multicultural issues are included in our themes and we encourage the children to develop an open-minded, positive attitudes and values. 


Tapestry enhances this special time, helping practitioners to capture your children’s experiences as well as monitor development and learning. This journal is shared online with parents, who are able to see special moments and view their child’s progress.

Tapestry covers the Early Years Foundation Stage and is designed to simplify and improve recording. When your children leave you will receive a permanent version of your child’s journal as a keepsake, either as a hard copy or on CD.

Used by hundreds of nurseries, pre-schools and schools all over the country, each setting receives a complete, secure application with its own web address, as well as full viewing and editing controls.  

Collecting your child 

Please collect your Nursery child at the end of the school day at 3.00pm and your Reception children at 3.10pm.

Children who attend Out of School Care will be handed over to the relevant provider by a member of staff. It is vital that you tell us who will be collecting your child.

Snack, milk and fruit

Children are offered a piece of fresh fruit and a carton of milk. Every child under the age of five is entitled to free milk but you must still register online at Coolmilk.com In EYFS we offer children a range of healthy snacks through each session.

Please see the coolmilk information by clicking on the link below:


We ask for a contribution of 50p per week to support snacktimes. This money also goes towards the baking fund allowing us to bake a range of food on a regular basis.


Please speak to the office or your child’s teacher about whether school dinner or packed lunch would be the best option for you. If your child is bringing a packed lunch it must be healthy. Grapes must be cut in half and no nuts please.


In Foundation we will spend lots of time outside irrespective of the weather.  Please send your child ready for all weather conditions- sun cream and a hat for warmer days and wellies and a waterproof coat for colder days. Wellies can be left in school – please ensure they have your child’s name in them.

Uniform in the school colours can be purchased from Classroom Clothing (Selby) and Tesco online uniform shop. Book bags and PE bags are also available from the school office. Please ensure that all items are clearly named.

Learning letters & Website

We like to keep you informed about things at Brayton so we send out regular learning letters, these include information about our current topic and any important dates for your diaries. Our website is updated regularly too.

Labelling equipment

Just a reminder about the fact that often clothes get muddled throughout the day so please make sure that all your child’s clothes including shoes, are clearly labelled.


We can only give medication that is prescribed and with written parental consent. Please ensure that any inhalers or other medications are up to date and brought to school. These are kept in the office for safety.