It is essential that we expect high standards of behaviour at all times; lessons, break times, lunchtimes and when moving around our school. We expect our pupils to show respect towards everybody at all times.

All teachers have the right to teach and all children have the right to learn in a classroom free from disruptive behaviour. Such a classroom should reflect the high standards of behavioural expectations of the teacher where pupils will consistently follow established rules and directions that clearly define the limits of acceptable and unacceptable pupil behaviour.

Good behaviour and self-discipline are essential to successful teaching and learning, and to ensure that children grow to understand the difference between right and wrong and appreciate the consequences of their behaviour and actions.

We will not tolerate bullying and constantly instil in our pupils positive attitudes towards other in line with our Christian values, so that they understand and demonstrate tolerance, acceptance and love for one another.

Please download our behaviour policy to learn more:

We are operating a temporary change to our behaviour policy:

Covid Behaviour Management changes

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