Brayton C of E Primary School is a new school having become an academy on 1st November 2019.

Currently the school does not have an Ofsted status or current report.

The first inspection of all new schools, including academies, and academy converters will usually take place within three years of opening In most instances, OFSTED will not select new schools for a first inspection until they are in their third year of operation.

We underwent a no formal designation Ofsted in June 2021 which looked at Safeguarding in the school. Inspectors found safeguarding to be effective:

We scrutinised the single central record, other documents relating to safeguarding and child protection arrangements, and minutes of the local governing body meetings. We met with you in your capacity as headteacher and designated safeguarding leader (DSL), and with the chief education officer (CEO) of the STAR multi-academy trust. We also met with groups of pupils, parents, members of staff, two trustees, two governors from the local governing body (including the chair of governors and the governor responsible for safeguarding), the leader of early years, the special educational needs coordinator (SENCo), the assistant director of children’s services from the local authority and the assistant director of the Diocese of York.
Having considered the evidence, I am of the opinion that at this time:

Safeguarding is effective.

The letter can be accessed here:

You can read the old Ofsted report by following the link below:

Ofsted October 2018